Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I need a name

I have been fiddling with this little girl for a while now, she is a long way from perfect but she is at the point that she makes me smile so I am calling her finished and will start a new one and try and do better on it. I found an old wig I had made for a different doll and it looks cute on her I think, kind of like a wild child LOL, anyway I am wanting name suggestions for her.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

cold outside makes for good day to clay

The temps are frigid way down here in the southeastern United States, with the icy winds and cold hard ground its hard to get outside and do the Christmas shopping that most of us have to do this time of year. I am almost done with mine, just a few more gifts to buy and a few more to wrap up.
Now I have decided its a great time to start a new clay project, another baby.
I recently participated in an ornament swap with friends from one of my clay groups and it was great fun just to let our imaginations run wild and make something for our partners. That is another great thing about being involved in Polymer clay, not only do you have fun making things and letting your muse have rein to bring them to be. You also meet some of the greatest people that also share a love of art and a love of polymer clay as a medium.
Stay warm and stay tuned for pictures of the baby hopefully in a few days