Friday, May 23, 2008

totally different

I have always wanted to try to create an older person, I am fascinated with all the wrinkles and character lines they have developed through out their lifetime. Here is a wip photo of my interpretation of an older woman. It is still just basic so far but I thought it would be nice to let you follow along with this one to some degree, sorry the photos are not real clear I just took some quick shots inside, It is kind of looking like a man to me so far and looks like it will be a short person as well, Oh well that is the good thing about clay there are no set standards it can be what ever it decides to be
thanks for looking and any comments are welcomed

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ebay and fees

I finally got around to putting another baby on ebay, yikes them fees are steep. Kiko is looking for her new mommy if you want to check her out on the link below.
I have not listed for a long time with all the ebay strikes and new rules etc... so I thought I should try ebay again and see just how bad the new fees are, I used to be able to list a baby in 1 category and pay for the gallery for around $1.35, now they are giving me free gallery and charging $2.00 per category, now you tell me how they think they are giving us a better deal. It is terrible to say they are scratching your back and they are really sticking a knife in it :) but that is Ebay for you they have all the buyers there looking so if we want the items to be seen we have to go to ebay or should I say feebay. I listed her in 2 categories with a reserve and they made me pay for reserve in both categories so her fees were $8.00 total before they get their chunk of my final value fees, gotta love it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Meet Kiko

my sweet little asian girl is finally finished she will be on Ebay tomorrow, I think she is my sweetest yet, I am loving them chubby legs

Friday, May 16, 2008

Its a girl

I finally finished my latest sculpt and decided it was a girl, I think it could be either but decided on girl as I have to do a flower theme for a challenge this baby was made for so girls are better with flowers than boys. Here are a couple photos of her without her clothes, I have to make her something floral I guess :) cross you fingers for me I am not a great seamstress.
Any ideas on names?
Can you see the bubbles on her tongue?
Keep watching for updates of her dressed

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No Color Yet

Finally I have the Asain smiling baby's head baked, I still have to add color to it and make the flange bigger on the neck but here is a sneak peak, this poor baby had its face tore off 3 different times and finally I just decided this is going to have to be it, poor thing was going to get a complex going through so many surgeries :)
what do you think so far, boy or girl?
all comments are welcome, I am working on some chubby legs and arms for this one and it will be bigger than my normal babies,
stay tuned for her completed photos soon and thanks for peeking

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

challenging expression

I am working on a new baby, no photos as yet cause it is still in the beginning stages but this one is going to be a real challenge to do, its supposed to be a happy asian baby , talk about getting into something over my head, I may have done that with this one but it will be a fun thing to try and whether I get it close or not if I can at least get it cute and learn something from it I will be okay with it, but then I would be happier if by some miracle I could pull this one off, cross your fingers and check back as soon as I get the head done I will post progress photos

Monday, May 5, 2008

Isn't she kind of cute

I finally got my air dry bjd close enough to string it and see how I need to tweak it so its poseable, I found lots of areas to tweak, I made her a wig from some fur and I do think she is cute, I was smiling while I took her photos, she is not dressed but has no nudity to be concerned about , now I have to get her tweaked so she poses better, then put layers of Gesso or another medium on her to harden the clay, then color her and seal her and give her a face up and clothes, I am finally getting excited about her cause she now has a personality, all comments are welcome both good or bad
thanks for peeking

Thursday, May 1, 2008

here they are all done

I decided on finishing the coloring that that lighter baby looked like she could be asian, not sure why but this is what I thought so I gave her some dark hair and think it looks cute on her
the mad baby I made into a girl although I think it may be a boy in the end but I had girl clothes for the photos
here are photos of them all done, these 2 babies are promised out to friends of mine