Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ebay and fees

I finally got around to putting another baby on ebay, yikes them fees are steep. Kiko is looking for her new mommy if you want to check her out on the link below.
I have not listed for a long time with all the ebay strikes and new rules etc... so I thought I should try ebay again and see just how bad the new fees are, I used to be able to list a baby in 1 category and pay for the gallery for around $1.35, now they are giving me free gallery and charging $2.00 per category, now you tell me how they think they are giving us a better deal. It is terrible to say they are scratching your back and they are really sticking a knife in it :) but that is Ebay for you they have all the buyers there looking so if we want the items to be seen we have to go to ebay or should I say feebay. I listed her in 2 categories with a reserve and they made me pay for reserve in both categories so her fees were $8.00 total before they get their chunk of my final value fees, gotta love it.

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