Thursday, February 19, 2009


I recently took my baby from my last post to Idex, and a few friends gave me some great tips on how to make it more babyish, I came home and took off his legs and removed his hair and added to his head and took some off his legs :)
now he is so much cuter. I will post photos of before and after so you can compare for yourself.
Sometimes things that we know gets buried when we are creating and others can remind us gently and we learn from it
I hope you enjoy my new version of this little guy, I even think it can be a little girl now, what do you think, the top 2 are from the newest baby, the bottom 2 are before I reworked him


Debbie Lee said...

Hey Barb,
He is a cutie, I have been working on some of my old babies. Giving them facelifts. You know it works. I just love this stuff, just wish I could get it right. hehe
Debbie Lee

Shielda said...

He is precious Barb...


Sprite said...

aww I think he looks great Barb! Soo cute. I missed a couple entries here where has the time gone? :) I loved catching up and seeing your beautiful lil ones.

Love and hugs,