Monday, October 5, 2009

baby without a name

I recently got this baby completed and cant think of a name for it, I am leaning toward boy, and its about 5 inches long, a smaller one for me. I just cant seem to get them any smaller no matter how much I try. Anyway here is my little boy with no name, any suggestions are welcome


Debbie Lee said...

hey Barb,
Thank you for the sweet note. I am going to add some pictures of my doll show. I hope this is going to be a good one. One of the ladies emailed me and said they had advertised a lot. I love your little guy. HUM let me see now You need a name. He kinda looks like a Cade or Landon.

Sprite said...

Oh my goodness he's beautiful barb. Why would you need to go any smaller, he's perfect and fits right in your hand! I have no idea why but Thomas popped into mind. Maybe he reminds me of my cousin when he was a baby :) big hugs, Sprite

Ayala Art said...

Hi Barb, well I cant think of a name, sorry, but he's very sweet!
.....Maybe Caleb?