Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First baby of 2010

I just finished this little girl, and she makes me smile. I don't know if the glow will wear off once I have gotten used to her and start to discover her flaws, but for now I think she turned out sweet.
Here she is, I still have to find what her name is and what I will do with her. I am thinking she will go to either Ebay or Etsy. I am kind of mad at Ebay at the moment. I read where they are going up on the final value fees to 9% in March, we need to call them Greedbay instead of Ebay. Etsy only charges 3.5% of the final value fee. They have less audience so its harder to sell there, but taking a stand against ebay sounds good to me. Stay tuned and I will post where she ends up at. Here she is my sweet little red headed girl.


Stephanie said...

Barb, She is very sweet!! Just darling. Anyone would be happy to have her....

Sprite said...

Barb she's beautiful!! And very realistic looking. I think no matter where you list her she is bound to find the right home, even if it may take a lil longer to find it through etsy... that just gives you more time to enjoy her :) Wonderful work sweetie...

BIG Hugs,

Lori Metcalf Dolls said...

She is darling!

Ascension said...

Tu niƱa "pelirroja", es una preciosidad!!!!!
Tienes razon en decir que tiene una carita muy dulce
Enhorabuena por todo tu trabajo.
besitos ascension

Meli said...

Just adorable!!! She is so beautiful and looks so real!!!