Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First baby of 2010

I just finished this little girl, and she makes me smile. I don't know if the glow will wear off once I have gotten used to her and start to discover her flaws, but for now I think she turned out sweet.
Here she is, I still have to find what her name is and what I will do with her. I am thinking she will go to either Ebay or Etsy. I am kind of mad at Ebay at the moment. I read where they are going up on the final value fees to 9% in March, we need to call them Greedbay instead of Ebay. Etsy only charges 3.5% of the final value fee. They have less audience so its harder to sell there, but taking a stand against ebay sounds good to me. Stay tuned and I will post where she ends up at. Here she is my sweet little red headed girl.