Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Art

I want to begin by showing some of my sculpts so that you can relate to what I love to create.
each one is unique and created without molds strictly from my hands and they each are precious in there own way, most of these have been adopted.
here is my one of my recent babies and one of my favorites she was created using a dear friends granddaughters portrait, here is Madi
I am still working on realism and to me she is the closest I have gotten so far, she is still with me I am having a hard time letting her go.
I just recently created my first baby monster and though this is a monster, she has the face that pulls at me making me smile, I still have her too at the moment. I have not given her a name yet, any ideas?
I am working on some more new things right now and hope to have more to share with you soon and also will be listing at least one of them at the newest doll auction site
If you have not checked this site out, please do, its a new site that is composed of artists to sell their work and even though its still new there are already many artists there selling everything from sculpt, reborns, outfits, dolls, teddy bears, supplies, fairies and more categories added each day.This new site is also completely free to list your items on with no fees to list or for final sale, it gets no better than that.
If you want to see more of my work then please check out my website, you can see it on my contact page and any feedback is welcomed.
There are many wonderful artists that sculpt babies, dragons, fairies, and any thing else you can think of, I will have links to some of those for you to look at, please take the time to pop in and see them, it always makes me want to create all of these things when I see the work of other artists.
I will leave you today with one more photo this one of a beautiful flower, I love taking photos and what better place to share some of them. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and please check in often to see where my muse is taking me and share in any ideas I may have or other mediums I may try and please do comment, I love to hear the comments on my work or my ramblings.


Natalie said...


Your blog looks excellent! I love your Madi and monster. ;o)

Take care,

Shielda said...

Great Job Barb

Sprite said...

Hi Barb! Your blog looks great, I'm so glad you have one now. I'll be checking in to see what your working on :) I always enjoy seeing your work.

You should keep Madi! I can see she is very special. I adore your baby monster, I think she needs a sweet name...nothing scary about that one, pure cute.


Debbie Lee said...

Hey Barb,
Your blog looks great. I have still got a lot of work to do on mine. For one get a new picture. This is gonna be great for us.

Trudi said...

Love your work Barb!!! Thanks for posting my blog on your list!!! (big smile... I'm noticed!!! squeeee!!) I LOVE your baby Cyclops!!! Maybe call her Cyndops! LOL!