Monday, February 25, 2008

signs of spring

The weather is very warm here today it will be around 66 and is very sunny today, I have yellow daffodils bursting from the earth waiting for the bees of spring to start buzzing their blooms, Robins are hopping along the grass searching for insects and things to start their spring nests for their first brood of baby robins, a few years ago we found a baby robin newly hatched, his mom was gone and he was nearly dead on the ground, we brought him inside and fed him soggy dried cat food with a baby spoon and he lived and was with us a few months until we released him, My grandkids loved him and named him BeeBop, they used to dig for worms after he got older and feed him the live worms. Now everytime I see a Robin in the yard I think of BeeBop and the joy he brought into our lives as we watched him grow feathers and learn to fly here is a photo of BeeBop and my grandson

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Natalie Scholl said...


I loved reading your post today. It is cold here today and we are expecting another snowstorm tonight into tomorrow. I went shopping today and saw all the patio tables set up in the stores and it made me long for the warm weather.

I just love the picture of your grandson and Beebop... so cute!

Enjoy the nice weather!