Thursday, July 31, 2008

Angels in disguise

I was working on my old beggar woman sculpt and the thought came to me that she needed some wings to show that no matter what we look like on the outside whether we are rich or poor or beautiful or haggard, its all what is on the inside that counts and sometimes when we are in need of an angel they appear in disguise of other people to lift us up. So here is my beggar woman who is really an angel once you take the time to look past that haggard wrinkled old face and toothless smile you can see her wings hanging gently down her back. I hope you like her and will remember to be nice to everyone you meet cause you may just be face to face with your angel


Sprite said...

Great work Barb, she's wonderful. I really like that thought :)


Tracy said...

Wow Barb, from babies to oldies!! you've really done a great job. A truly lovely sculpt and a wonderful idea.