Saturday, July 26, 2008

boo boo all done

I finally completed one of my boo boo babies, this little girl along with another head was left in the oven way too long as I turned off the timer and did not unplug the oven, I know I am so bad, well I completed her anyway and now since she is a boo boo she will get to stay home with me, I think she is cute anyway don't you?
I still have to do limbs for the other head and hope I can get them baked long enough to match this head, keep your fingers crossed for me, I will post he head later but here is my finished boo boo girl, her name is Leesa


Lori Metcalf Dolls said...

She turned out so cute Barb!! From the picture she looks perfect.

Sprite said...

Aww barb, I would never have guessed she was a boo boo baby she's really cute. I'm glad to hear you are going to keep her though :)

Her skin tone looks perfect in the pictures. I wish my over cured pieces looked this good! :D Luv n hugs, Sprite