Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 4 of white stuff

It is mostly ice covering snow down here in the southern United States of Georgia, I have been sitting inside watching motorists try and climb up the huge hill outside my house that is frozen solid. Some make it up either with 4 wheel drives or if they are brave enough to get a running start and go really fast slipping and sliding they might make it up. Most others are like me , just sitting at home, glad to be warm and safe inside. I did not get many photos cause it was sleeting when I tried and I was afraid I would ruin my camera, then later it got really slick, so again I could fall and hurt my camera or worse hurt me :)
Stay tuned for photos of my latest baby, she is made and waiting on clothes and photos. Maybe I can get that done today since I am stuck at home. And watch for the OWOH event coming soon, for details click on the link on an earlier post or the logo in the sidebar to find out more

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Gale said...

We had white stuff today down in Texas too! My kids were just looking at your babies with me. My son thought the mermaid was made today because he thought the tail was snow, and my other son told me "I think that one's a real baby" (about this one: They both thought the cyclopse baby was funny. Thought you might enjoy their reactions.