Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OWOH 2011

It is time for the One World One Heart 2011, For more information please refer to the link below
It is exciting to be able to know that this will let us all see blogs from all over the world and in doing so make new friends that share the love of art.
The above link will explain the details of what this event is all about, be sure and remember when it all begins.... Jan. 30, 2011


Ayala Art said...

I will be visiting your blog!

Barbara said...

I do hope that I get a Baby by Barb. They are so very cute. You do absolutley beautiful work and so tiny also. I would love one to add to my collection of dolls. Thanks for going by my blog Blossoms Bloomers and commenting so kindly on my Royalty Pin The Queen Wears Boots.